Reporters 2nd October 2015 Full Episode

TV Drama is one kind of entertainment which is much shorter than the movies. India has much strong history of drama and Television Theater. The drama which also called the TV play and is liked very much in whole world, All Indian dramas are seen across the world especially in Europe, England ,Unite state of America and throughout Asian countries and middle east. People do like and enjoy Indian drama very much, watch Reporters 2nd October 2015 Full Episode

Unite state of America and throughout Asian countries and Middle East. People do like and enjoy Indian drama very much, watch  Writing drama were started in India from 1st century AD to 10th century when there were pace in India. With the establishment of Islamic state in India the dramas and theater play were discourage to a great extent up to 19th century. The modern theater were once again were developed during the time of British Empire in sub-continent. People then once again start to pay more attention towards the theater and drama etc. Watch Reporters 2nd October 2015 Full Episode

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On the other hand Pakistan has not make as much progress in this like India but enough to have major position in the field of theater and television plays. Pakistani dramas are much shorter and usually end within a year. Pakistani TV dramas focus more on women than men. Dressing in Pakistani TV dramas is not as in Indian or English dramas. Especially in start of Pakistan TV drama history Pakistani dramas were much perseveres in dressing. That time Pakistani TV drama were using typically shalwar kameez for women in dramas but with the passage of time now women are using modern dresses in drama and theater. Kissing like seen who are very common in other non-Muslims countries but in Pakistani TV dramas kissing is considered something not good, online drama watch online all Pakistani dramas

Reporters 2nd October 2015 Full Episode.This dramas are in Urdu language on Pakistani TV channel. Many famous Actresses & actresses’ role played in this drama. We are providing you all Pakistani dramas. Please give your precious opinion on this drama. if you have any problem please share with us we are waiting for your comments. Also you can Free Download drama serial in HQ


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